Short Fict :: What I Found on Mom's Bedroom

What I Found on Mom's Bedroom
--|| this is a fanfict using my Hetalia OC. Indonesia(Ayu, Left) and Malaysia(Afrina, Right). It would be OOC. 
So, please go if you don't like || --

What I found there,
Is something unbelievable.

Morning on the archipelago. Reached the house of the Red White worker, Ayu. She lives there alone after her mother disappear a few hundred years ago. "Old memories," She remembered the day when she young, with her beloved -tsundere- sister, Afrina, who had become the country of true Asia.
"Hey! Ayu! Look! Look! I just get this paper from Ibu Pertiwi's room!"


Morning guys! I have been stayed up all night waiting for packaged. Yeah. Gonna have a trip tomorrow.
So~ As we wait the clock tick, How about some discussion?
It'll be fine, I'm too lazy to write anyway.
So, Let's start. Today, I'll be talking about Weeaboo
Waiitt!! What's weeaboo??
Weeaboo  usually means someone who is obsessed with Japan Culture and attempts to act like it.And they usually too over reacting about some Anime/Manga characters.  It's a bit similar to Wappanese (Japanese Wanna Be).
So, What's wrong??
Nothing. Really. I just think that's wrong. We should be happy to be our self.
They usually curses non japanese things and think everything from Japan
is amazing. Hya. That's just wrong. ;_;
Wait, What's the example of weeaboo?