Argh!! Why do it has to be me???

Today... Nothing really good happened today. -.- It's worse!
My Little Cat just ripped my Sketch book! How dare she do that??
It's my Fourth Sketch book! Yesterday she ripped my exam sheets! Oh! SHE'S A MONSTER with a Cuteness... -.- I kinda like my cat, but hate it too if he ripped my book again! Why does it has to be me~~~??

But, this day it's good day too! Well... I still can chat with my friend! =3
i really miss my friend right now...*sobs*
How's my classmate do right now? -.- We still talking about when we will meet again.
One of my friend said 'How about we meet again after we graduated from our High School?'
Well...I kinda agreed, but... That's mean we only be 12, cause Syifa can't come! Well...She will be comeback here again in 5 years.It isn't called reunion if we can't meet every classmate. (bad grammar~~ Ahh...sorry! )

Oh btw, Today i try using SAI for my new art 'Chibi Neko Masaomi' .  Ahh~~ He look so cute!

Yellow!!! =D I will come up with more Chibi Like this.