Ai Hiko ~~ and Ochi Mizuamene Sing Magneet~
Hwaa~~ And...Finally i can make a videeoo!! MySpace
The most it's.. My Utau was ready xD
And... My YouTube account can be used again ! Oh! My! It's a happy day!

Oh, For Muslimah or Muslim outside there...
I want to say

I know! The Image wasn't work~

Hope this month we will have a big reward from Allah Almighty. ^^
 It's already the 13th Day of the Ramadhan!
17th day more to go??
MySpace It's sooo fast!!
 Maybe it's because i always get a sleep after Suhoor...
Oh! I must stop sleeping after Suhoor!
It's baaad....
If i sleep after Pray Subuh, I will awake on 12o'clock on Daylight!
Can you believe that? -.-

Hwaa!! Ok then!
Here's some tips what you have to do on Ramadhan...
1) Spend Your Time on reading Al-qur'an
2) Tadarus after Pray Subuh and Magrib
3) Read Yasin from first verse to end
4) Always PRAY! Don't Forget thaat!
5) Sleep well before Suhoor (so you didn't need to sleep again)
6) Before Imsak, Drink a glass of water (it make you fresh when it's 7 AM :D )

Ok, then... I hope it helps~
Ha ha ha! MikaDollars~ I love you~ xD