About Me

Ohayou, minna-san!
Watashi o-namae wa Azalea. Satsuki to iimasu!
I love to draw in digital or traditional!
I usually played around with my Photoshop and
other application in my blog.
I shared the same bithdate as Izaya Orihara, 4th May.
So, that's maybe the reason why I usually act like him.
I have UTAU. Ai Hiko and Ryokuji Hiko.
They are both mine. Voiced by me. So back off from them!

Ai Hiko ( 藍彦 )
Model ID.02
She's kind, sweet and a little funy. She really love to hang out with his brother. She sometime can't talk perfectly. She love to be on stage.Sometime, his brothers is scared of her.
Items : Red Giant Apple

Current Stage : Beta ACT 2 | Robotic Append (recording )

Ryokuji Hiko (涼久二彦)
Model ID.02-5
He's a teenager who act like an adult . He kinda bit pervy sometimes.
He's sweet and always try to be perfect. He actually really want to be friend with Ai's brother. Sadly, Yakuaka always avoid him.
Items: Yellow Clock Pocket

Current Stage : ACT 1 | Kind Append (not yet)

::Yessu~Douzo Yoroshiku nee!::

Everything in my blog will be fulled by my drawings.
Opening Point Commission on my dA page.
Click the picture to my lovely places. (?)