Sasori Bio

First Manga Appearance: Chapter 247
First Anime Appearance: Shippuuden Episode 2
Name Meaning: Scorpion
Hidden Village: Sand Village
Rank: Unknown (Potential Jounin)
Age: 35
Notable Features: Puppet Master, Also known as "Akasuna no Sasori" (Sasori of the Red Sand)
Notable Quotes: "You insist on calling those fireworks of yours art? True art endures the ages... beauty everlasting."
See also: Deidara, Orochimaru

 Personal Data
 Registration ID: 33-001
 Birthday: November 8th
 Blood Type: AB
 Height: 164.1 cm
 Weight: 47.3 kg

Databook 3 Stats|Data

Advancement Data
Academy Grad Age: 7
Chuunin Exam Age: 8

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 5
C-Rank: 12
B-Rank: 16
A-Rank: 29
S-Rank: 10

Sasori is a missing-nin from Hidden Sand Village who serves as a member of the Akatsuki Organization. He is very large in size, appearing to squat low to the ground when he slides across it.


Sasori, whose name means scorpion, was a former highly ranking ninja within Hidden Sand who fled 20 years earlier. He was master of puppet making who was responsible for the design of the puppets Kankurou uses today. One of his underlings was a Sand ninja named Yuura. When Sasori fled Sand to join Akatsuki, he placed a jutsu on his underling Yuura to cause him to unknowingly gather information and serve as a sleeper agent. When the time came, Yuura would be activated to do his masters bidding. This same jutsu was used on a young Yakushi Kabuto, who was to gather information on Sasori's former partner Orochimaru and his Fuushi Tensei technique. Orochimaru removed the memory block though and Kabuto chose to willingly side with Orochimaru.

After the time skip, Sasori and his partner Deidara came to Hidden Sand to capture the one-tail demon Shukaku. Waiting outside Hidden Sand, Sasori activated Yuura. Yuura then wiped out some of the Sand's defenses, allowing Deidara to infiltrate and attack Gaara. After Gaara was captured, Kankurou chased after his brothers captor and met up with Sasori. When Kankurou tried to stop Deidara, Sasori revealed his true origin for the first time and fought Kankurou. Kankurou was outmatched by the master of puppets and he was defeated and poisoned by him. In the battle it was revealed the tail and other portions of Sasori's body were puppet pieces.

Sasori and Deidara returned to the Akatsuki cave base and participated in the extraction of the Shukaku demon from Gaara. Naruto and fellow teammates arrived in an attempt to stop the process but they did not make it in time. Sasori was faced by his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura. Chiyo's battle smarts and Sakura's power were enough to destroy Sasori's current form, that of the puppet Hiruko.

Sasori revealed he kills his opponents and turns them into puppets. This process was done 298 times in the past and his two female opponents would make 300. With Hiruko destroyed, Sasori revealed his greatest triumph, the puppet form of a man who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Hidden Sands own Sandaime Kazekage. Another surprise waiting for the two kunoichi, was Sasori's "real" form, a young man unaffected by time, appearing in the same form he was 20 years previously.

Sasori would use Sandaime's Satetsu abilities against the two kunoichi. His ability to make humans into "hitokugutsu" (literally human puppets) would allow him to use their abilities at life even in puppet form. Chiyo revealed her hand as well, summoning Sasori's very parents who were made into puppets as well when he was younger. Sasori used Sandaime to form the iron sand into spikes, and weapons. The puppets exchanged blows, eventually disabling the parent puppets. Chiyo and Sakura tried to avoid damage, but Sakura got scratched, forcing her to use one of their two poison antidotes. This gave Sakura the surprise opportunity though to destroy the Sandaime puppet. Sasori was then forced to remove his cloak and show his true abilities.

Sasori revealed he had made himself into a puppet, adding deadly weapons to his frame. Sakura managed to strike his body but it only managed to reform around a cylinder marked with the "Scorpion" kanji. Chiyo was forced to summon her ten Chikamatsu puppets, and Sasori in turn summoned his special hundred. The huge puppet fight began and Sakura managed to pin Sasori's body to the cave wall with the help of one of Chiyo's chakra sealing puppet parts. Missing though was Sasori's chest container, where his human essence lived. One of his broken puppets rose to reveal the container implanted inside. Weapon in hand it rushed for Chiyo but Sakura jumped in the way to take the lethal strike. Using her remaining strength, Chiyo secretly moved the parent puppets from either side to pierce Sasori's chest container, striking an apparently fatal blow.

The dying Sasori mocked the kunoichi and their reliance on physical forms. He told the two how he had escaped emotion and physical death with his transference to the container form. He then decided to offer the two kunoichi some information as a reward for beating him. He told them he was to meet with an underling of his who is acting as a spy in Orochimaru's camp. In ten days, on a bridge in the Grass Country they were to meet. With that, Sasori fell to the ground alongside his parents, dead. Sakura congratulated Chiyo for defeating Sasori, but Chiyo made a sad revelation. Sasori recognized the parents were going to strike, but he hesitated and did not move to avoid the attack. Sasori was not yet beyond emotion as he so claimed, he seemingly desired one final embrace from his parents.

The Leaf would use the information Sasori provided and travel to the Grass Country. When they arrived at the bridge, Leaf ninja Yamato would transform and impersonate Sasori in his Hiruko puppet. The Leaf watched in surprise as the spy was revealed as Kabuto. They received another surprise when he moved to kill Sasori, revealing his new allegiance to Orochimaru.