Whaat??! 11pm Already? Oh~It's soo... fast!
I didn't noticed it coz my computer said 4:32 PM! Lolz... and.. i'm lazy to changes it~
Ha ha ha... Don't imitating my laziness.
My Friend, Syifa were going to Ambon today. Last time i check, she still on Makassar.
*sobs* I hope she will have a new day with a new friends. ^^

another *sobs* ... Durarara!! It's End!! Whyy?? I hope there will be the Second Seasons! I want to know what Izaya do with Celty's head~
Ha ha ha~ Izaya got a new faces! Ha ha ha.... And...Yes! He do doesn't want to loose Shizu-chan! That's mean... He love him? o.o Oh man... Not Yaoi again -.-

Ah... btw, i'll upload a yesterday image down here...
It's Izaya and Shizuo again! xD Black and White style!