Pr dari Rifka!!

Starting time: jam 1'an kali..
Name: Azalea
Sisters: I don't have any
Brothers: I have.
Eye Color: Black to brown
Shoe size: 35 - 37
Hair: Black
Piercings: No.
Height: 150
What are you wearing right now? clothes
Where do you live? my house with my family
Favorite number: 4, 2, 8, and 10
Favorite drink: Milk Shake chocolate!
Favorite month: May!
Favorite breakfast: Anything that sweet~
Have You Ever Broken a bone:  m... short of...
Been in a police car: NO!!
Been on a plane: Yes!
Been in a hot tub: Yes!
Swam in the ocean: No.
Fallen asleep in school: Never
Broken someone’s heart: Yeah...
Cried when someone died?: Hmm.. 
Fell off your chair: Yes!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No!
Saved e-mails: Hm...
Been cheated on: Hmm..
What Is Your room like? Simple! and Fuzzy! and sweet! and colored!
What is right beside you? No one Hmm.. the empty chair What is the last thing you ate? Don't know~
Chicken pox: pernah
Sore throat: pernah
Stitches: ?
Broken nose: No!
Do You Believe in love at first sight? Maybe
Like picnics: Yes!
Wear contact lenses or glasses? Yes.


Who was the last person you danced with? I never dance
Who last made you smile? My family and my friend!
Who did you last yell at? Hm....

Random Questions

What are you listening to right now? Televisions!!
What did you do today? wake up from the bed, get some water, taken a bath, ate, playing, joking, etc.
Hate someone in your family? Hmm.. No!
Diamond or pearl? Diamond!
Are you the oldest? May Be
Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors! we can do anything fun! like picnics, playing, running~ etc..
Today did you Talk to someone you like? Yes...
Kiss anyone? No!!!
Get sick? My lovely foot. it's hurt....
Sing? Yes.
Talk to an ex? No!
Miss someone of the opposite sex? Hmm.... hihi... may be  
Eat? Yes!!
Last person who
You talked to on the phone? my mother
Made you cry? My friend who hate me!
Went to the movies with? My friends/
You went to the mall with? my family.
Texted you? hm........
Have you Been to Mexico? Nope...
Been to USA? Nope

Final Questions
Have a crush on someone? Hm....
What books are you reading right now? The Summer Camp by Anna Chrisna.
Best feeling in the world? Find my happiness!
Future kids names? Don't know!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Some times..
What’s under your bed? Hmm..
Favorite sport(s) to watch? Badminton!!!
Favorite place: my home, my school!
Who do you really hate? some one who hate me and some one annoyed!
Do you have a job? Yes! I'm a student!!
What time is it now? Don't know...

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