Cheat? Sheesh

That's my first reaction about Cheating.
Ya know, cheating is very bad!
Sadly, people these day ,
don't care anymore about it.

Come on! Why must we cheat when we can do it our self?!
Well, It's okay to cheat on game -coz i usually do that =u='-
But, That's bad too!
I'm afraid it will ruin our moral!

Our religion don't allow us to cheat.
Our school don't allow us to cheat.

So, why there's still someone cheating?!

That's because we, human has desire.
But, we are not allowed to use our desire too much.

well, that's only i can say now.
I'm really pissed off by them.

And, ah! I really hate it!
All of my friend thinks i'm cheating, but actually no!
My handphone ring during exams because of my call operator. orz
Well, i already told the teacher and showed her. ._. then, i think it's okay now.
But, still... CURSE YOU CELLPHONEEEE!!!! *stomping* 

~ this post has been CUT due Psycho act ~


Renai Deathnote?!

hyaa! lama dari jama beheula ane orak ngebuka webby ini ...dinginnyaa...panaskale! liat di luar sono mbak! anyway, saya mo posting video aja deh. belum ada ide mau ngepost apa. saya lagi sedih banget ga jadi kemping. ;_;
anyway, enjoy!