Morning guys! I have been stayed up all night waiting for packaged. Yeah. Gonna have a trip tomorrow.
So~ As we wait the clock tick, How about some discussion?
It'll be fine, I'm too lazy to write anyway.
So, Let's start. Today, I'll be talking about Weeaboo
Waiitt!! What's weeaboo??
Weeaboo  usually means someone who is obsessed with Japan Culture and attempts to act like it.And they usually too over reacting about some Anime/Manga characters.  It's a bit similar to Wappanese (Japanese Wanna Be).
So, What's wrong??
Nothing. Really. I just think that's wrong. We should be happy to be our self.
They usually curses non japanese things and think everything from Japan
is amazing. Hya. That's just wrong. ;_;
Wait, What's the example of weeaboo?

Weeaboo's example... let's see~ Here's some I know ...
They curses other culture -sometimes or a lot-, They favoritism Japanese a lot, They Excessive use of Japanese words in replacement of English, They usually end their word with 'desu desu', and... they had a Japanese name. Some of them can draw Anime/Manga very well. But they really dislike others cartoon style. Oh! They also very good on memorizing some Anime Openings!

So, Is that mean YOU ARE a WEEABOO?!
No. I'm not. I may draw anime very well and love to sing VOCALOID, But I don't dislikes other cartoons or western music! I really enjoy Ed,Edd 'n Eddy shows, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and other American's cartoon! And for the music, Black Eye Pease (correct me xD), Taylor Swift, Bigtimerush etc.  I never complain!
And, yeah~ I know sometimes I use 'desu desu' kind word, but, I do it because I NEED to learn JAPANESE. Is okay to practice right?!
How do you explain your NAME?!
Names aren't meant a lot here. Satsuki is from my Mom's friend. Shetold her to name me Satsuki (I was born on May). And Satsuki name used so I'm safe ( well, Satsuki can be girl or boy name right ). So, Name doesn't have anything to do with it.

Then, Am I a weeaboos?!
That's depends. I don't know. But, Think yourself. Stop acting like one. Some people don't like it. Let's change together!
Take a deep breath! Now, start thinking calmly and maturely. For me, You must start to love your own culture. Try to hang out with friends around the caffe or maybe Warteg (Warung Tegal for Indonesia xD ). Try to read more about your nation culture. Maybe your culture is better than Japans. And.... stop status like "Eating Ramen, Pocky and Ocha while Watching Anime and reading Manga" ... It sounds that you really are a proud weeaboo. Etto, Don't forget to stop trying to marry some Anime character. >3> Like... "SASUKE UCHIHA IS MINE!", "IZAYA belong to my hearth~!" and bla bla. Also, avoid using "Kawaii" to comment. I'm a bit freak out. It's fine to use it, But don't abuse it. ._.

You Aren't Helping! Anyway, How about some anime artist from overseas?! Are they considered as one?!
Ah. Sorry about that.  For the second question, It depends. If they don't act like one, It's okay. They are not consider. Beside, There's a lot of people out there using Anime Styled artwork to promote their countries! Cheers! ;3

Are RP's considered Weeaboo?
Personally, I'll say no. Because Roleplayer usually played as the character. So, Is okay i think if that character love that character or whatever.

I still don't get it!  WHAT KIND OF BLOG IS THIS?! D8<
Well, then, feel free to click these links I found on Google about weeaboo.

Anyway, For other people who don't want to read this but accidentaly read this, Enjoy and please... Peace! I don't want any fight. This is just my opinion.

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  1. Hi, Satsu-chan.
    Long time no see in internet, especially in blogs. :D
    Thanks Sat-chan, your entry makes me knowing something I didn't know. It adds my vocabulary and what weeaboo means.
    I found this word in short time before when I watch an ATLA fans meet and greet video.
    Overall, thanks.

    - @saharantxa


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